Energy Saving


With ever increasing costs of energy, it not only makes environmental but financial sense to ensure that you reduce your daily energy consumption.

Reducing electricity consumption can be one of the simplest ways of saving money. You can make quick power saving changes across your property that will reduce your energy bills, lessen carbon pollution and conserve energy.


Stanton Electrical’s qualified electricians can assist your energy and cost saving efforts by:

  • Replacing halogen and incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
  • Replacing large lights with smaller energy efficient lights.
  • Supplying and installing power boards which allow all appliances to be switched off using one switch.
  • Implementing timer switches to turn off appliances when no longer required or when not in use.
  • Upgrading switchboards to ensure electricity supplies are optimal and safe.
  • Testing and maintenance of appliances to ensure safety and optimum efficiency.
  • Supplying and installing daylight sensing lights for indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Upgrading and installing energy efficient fans and heating systems.
  • Proving expert advice on brands and models of energy efficient appliances.
Stanton Electrical offers a wide range of services; please call us to speak to a qualified electrician about your requirements.