Fault Finding & Repairs


“Poor maintenance and incorrect usage of power boards can result in home and office fires endangering lives and causing considerable damage to property.
Statistics show that over 350 residential house fires are started by electrical faults in NSW each year.” – Fire & Rescue NSW

Is your home or office at risk? Don’t leave safety to chance.

Stanton Electrical recognises that fires caused by electrical faults are a real threat to property and lives which is why we offer safety inspections. If you suspect that you have an electrical fault, or you just want peace of mind about the safety of your electrical equipment, book your inspection now.


Our systematic electrical fault finding procedure assists in detecting and rectifying problems quickly and cost effectively.

Safety inspections are simple and effective:

 tickicon-s Safety Inspection
Stanton Electrical arrives at your premises with specialist testing equipment and utilise tried and tested techniques that can safely detect any issues in your electrical circuits.
  logo-555 Inventory and Compliance Report
Following inspection of your electrical appliances and wiring we provide you with a comprehensive yet thorough report of all electrical components and their safety compliance.
 logo5556  Fault Rectification
Stanton Electrical will discuss the findings with you, identifying any potential signs or risks of faults. This puts you in charge of catching and rectifying issues early.

Electrical fault finding can be easy if there is an evident problem; however faults are not always obvious.  Through regular inspections, Stanton Electrical can assist you to avoid problems that can arise from having an undiscovered electrical fault.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Contact Stanton Electrical today for an inspection. Reduce risk and save lives.